Tübingen, the town of the books, offers a variety that is rich and comprehensive enough to meet everybody's appetite for reading. There are more bookstores per capita than anywhere else in Germany. Second-hand bookshops, stores specialized in art books and scientific books attend on the reader with such a wide spectrum that any demand for scientific research or light fiction will be fully covered.

Both the Tübinger Poetik Dozentur (Lectureship of Poetics) and Tübinger Bücherfest (Book Festival) bring such well-known authors as Günther Grass, Susan Sontag and Rafik Schami to Tübingen for readings and discussions. For more information about the Book Festival, please see our festival site. At the Studio "Literatur und Theater" students of the university can take workshops in Creative Writing. It is also possible to read to people or just to listen to Tübingen's "Bed Time Stories" under the plane trees behind the Collegiate Church. The so-called "Tübinger Jugendbuchwoche" offers young readers workshops and readings of well-known authors.